Spin FV-1 based effects module for Eurorack systems

This Eurorack module contains the Spin FV-1 effects processor.

The KiCad schematic and PCB files as well as files for 3D printing the panel can be found in the projects GitHub repository

The circuit is essentially the reference design as described in the data sheet with some additional standard input and output signal level translation. I've also added a slightly over-engineerd program number display and a clunky program switch. The top left switch toggles between intern and extern (EEPROM) programs. The EEPROM can be programmed through the mini-DIN socket.

The following image shows a version of the PCB where i used DIP ICs and Piher trimmers. In the final version i replaced these with SO-SMD footprints and 25 mm Alpha trimmers. The potentiometers are also Alpha pots and the audio connectors are PJ301M-12 jacks.