3D printed panels for mounting Korg Volcas into a Eurorack system

If you like Korg Volcas and you've got a Eurorack system , you can combine them with this simple 3D printable Eurorack panel (40 HP). This project and all of its STL files is shared on Thingiverse . The KiCad schematic and PCB files as well as the 3D printing files can be found in the projects GitHub repository

Take your Korg Volca,

remove the screws that hold the case together and extract the PCB from the case,

desolder the speaker and the battery cables and use 4 of the screws to attach the Volca PCB to the Eurorack panel.

Now you can mount the Volca into your Eurorack case.

A linear regulator is used to convert the 12 V of the Eurorack system to the 9 V needed by the Volcas. Also the line audio output level of the Volcas is amplified with an inverting op-amp to match the audio level of the Eurorack system.

You may have to fiddle a little bit with the 47k feedback resistor of the amplifier. In case of a Korg Volca Beats, the amplification was too low and a 68k resistor was used for a resulting amplification factor of 10.

This page was last updated on 23. November 2017