Arduino Day 2014

I hope you all had a nice Arduino Day 2014!

To celebrate this day, i finished a first pre-alpha, technical preview, in no way usable, i.e. production ready version ;-) of my Caretaker home automation system.

Information about this system, Eagle schematics and layout files, device firmware and the server source code are available in the Caretaker section of my website.

All of the remote devices of my home automation system are developed with the Arduino software framework. I'm not using the Arduino IDE, but Eclipse together with my own compilation of the Arduino core and a set of Arduino libraries. This combination provides a highly productive, fun to use and professional environment for developing embedded system applications.

With all the available Arduino libraries you get things done with the least possible expense. And most important for me: all of this works on the Linux operating system.

So a big thanks and thumbs up to all the people in the Arduino community! Keep on hacking!

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